Each ZOWIE piece is lovingly designed and hand crafted or assembled in Australia. As a costume jewellery brand we use a combination of materials including cotton, nylon, resin, semi precious stones and crystals as well as metals such as sterling silver, steel and hand plated brass or copper. When sourcing our metal components we always purchase nickel free, including earring hooks and posts.

Your jewellery will be packaged in a bespoke eco friendly canvas pouch.


We want you to love wearing your jewellery and accessories as much as we love creating them, proper care, cleaning, maintenance and storage are essential for prolonging the life of your ZOWIE piece. Please follow our recommended care instructions below:


Avoid all contact with moisture and water, remove jewellery and accessories before showering, swimming, or any exercise that may cause heavy perspiration as well as before sleeping.

Avoid contact with cosmetics, makeup, moisturiser, fake tan, sunscreen, perfume, deodorant or hairspray products as they can cause damage to your jewellery or cause the metal to tarnish.

Remove jewellery/accessories before heavier household cleaning as exposure to harsh chemicals, even without direct contact, may cause damage.


It is highly recommended that any metal components be cleaned regularly, preferably after each wear, as exposure to oils and chemicals naturally present in the skin and the air may cause tarnishing over time.

Please be aware metal naturally tarnishes or can appear dull over time. To maintain or restore luster and remove tarnish that may occur, use a soft, dry, non-abrasive jewellery or silver polishing cloth and rub gently over metal components.


Please note it is a natural occurrence that some people’s body oils and perspiration are more acidic than others, in some cases this can cause oxidisation or discolouration to your jewellery. Please follow our product care advice to best prolong your pieces


Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. Do not store in a damp or humid environment. It is highly recommended storing your jewellery in the pouch/box it came in, or a suitable alternative.

Some pieces may bend or break easily if not handled carefully and stored appropriately in a safe place after each wear. (please don’t throw me into your handbag). Damage from careless wear/storage, including water damage, is not the responsibility of ZOWIE.


ZOWIE endeavours to represent all products as best as we can. All styles, colours and finishes are displayed as accurately as possible. Please note that the colours and finishes of the product may vary very slightly from those displayed by your computer monitor.